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November 8, 2001
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Guam on exhibit
David V. Crisostomo

Band of artists showcases eclectic view of local life


Third time's a charm for the Saturday Group. The local group of 20 artists, which was formed in 1993, have combined efforts again this year for their third annual art exhibit, "Guam" - a collection of artwork in various media that offer the artists' differing points-of-view of island life.

The exhibit is a follow-up to last year's successful "Freeflow" and the group's 1999 untitled exhibit.

"This exhibit is still free flow," says group member Bong Redila, one of the featured artists. "All the pieces show how the different artists perceive Guam. Our theme is Guam, but we still had the freedom to do what we want, to create."

The show opened Nov. 1 at the CAHA Art Gallery at Two Lovers' Point and runs through Nov. 16.

From pastels, oil, watercolor and sculpture, the artists attempt to depict Guam in both modern and historical times through their work, says featured artist and group member C.J. Urquico.

"The pieces aren't purely cultural, there's something for everyone," Urquico says. "It's best to come in with an open mind to appreciate the artwork."

Promoting art appreciation is one of the goals of the Saturday Group, a collection of local artists.

- David V. Crisostomo

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•The Saturday Group is displaying 50 works at its art show titled, "Guam." The exhibit continues through Nov. 15 at the CAHA Art Gallery at Two Lovers' Point along the Harmon cliffline. Admission is free. The gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Closed Monday and Sunday. For more information contact the gallery at 646-3660/1.


•Started in 1993, the Saturday Group is a band of 20 local artists. The group's goal is to promote art appreciation. Members meet weekly to sketch and discuss art every Saturday. For more information about the Saturday Group, call Arman Germar at 649-7102, Paks Pineda at 637-4128 or C.J. Urquico at 727-6347.


•Beginning Nov. 16, Guam HeadStart students will showcase their various artwork at the CAHA Art Gallery.


•Saturday Group:

•Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities:

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Photos by Ron Soliman/Pacific Daily News/

Clockwise from top right: `Killing Time,' by Bong Redila `Stroll,' by Francis Pineda `Christian by Xtian (self portrait),' by Christian Mahilum `Curiosity,' by Arman Germar and Hundred Steps,' by Nicky Claricia, left.

Left to right: `Chamorrita and Child,' by Nick Baldemor by `Playground,' by Nap Salyon

Lalaine Estella/Pacific Daily News/

Photos by Ron Soliman/Pacific Daily News/

Clockwise from top left: `Dance of Our Life,' (white alabaster sculpture) by Nick Baldemor `Yellow,' by Bong Redila `What's New?' by Nicky Claricia and ` Midori of Guam,' by Nicky Claricia.