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Past Work

Savan Vegas Web UI >>>
Savan Vegas Brochure

PIC 2009 Calendar >>>
Responsible Gaming Act Campaign I >>>

Responsible Gaming Act Campaign II >>>
Casino Kingdom Southeast Asia >>>

TGH Realty >>>
Pacific Islands Club Splash Page >>>
APAFS User Interface Study >>>
Ready GUAM UI Study >>>

Glimpses Advertising >>>
Subway Electronic Billboard View Flash


Coca Cola Get Rich Quick 2

Art direction and execution; overall promotion
look and feel. >>>

Promo Instructions >>>
T-shirt Design >>>

Budweiser Play On Campaign
Art Direction/Copy/Design and Interactive
Flash "Name that tune" game. View Poster









Shell Northwest >>>

Shell Ad >>>

BMW 3 Series >>>

Subaru Impreza >>>

Ford Full Lineup Congratulatory >>>

Budweiser Soja Poster >>>

Budweiser Soja Ticket >>>

GGEFCU Leaders >>>

Pacific Islands Club Desktop Calendar >>>



Online access to GovGuam services
could help cut expenses

by C.J. Urquico


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Saturday Artists


Guam on Exhibit





World AIDS Day >>>

Guam's Top Artists >>>

Arts and Humanities Month >>>

Congressional Recognition >>>

Visual Communications >>>
Philippine National Arts Month >>>